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The following instructions will teach you how to install Bl4ck0ut 7 on your iDevice.

Step #1

Download our custom firmware using the onscreen instructions and links provided on this page. Save the ipsw file to somewhere you can easily remember! (i.e Your desktop or downloads folder)

Step #2

Download and install the following tools...


iTunes (Latest Version)

Step #3

Open iReb on your computer as administrator on windows machines, or normally on Macintosh computers by double clicking it. Follow the on screen instructions in iReb which will lead you through the process of selecting your device, and holding a combination of buttons which will put your device into a state known to the community as "Pwned DFU" mode. This simply means the device will be ready to accept our custom firmware file which we have created for you. Once iReb tells you that your device is ready and in PWND DFU mode, you may then open iTunes and continue on to step #4.

Step #4

Inside iTunes, you will be alerted that a device in recovery mode has been detected and that you must restore it in order to continue using it. On windows machines, hold shift while you click the restore button. On Macintosh computers, hold the ALT key while doing so. A window will appear telling you to select a file. This is when you must select our custom firmware file. Once selected, iTunes will run through the install process of Bl4ck0ut 7 onto your device. When it reboots, you are ready to use Bl4ck0ut 7!


Bl4ck0ut 7 is available for the following devices.

Released to the public one year after the iPhone 2G and advertised as "Twice as fast, half the price", this device is still alive in our hearts and thanks to custom firmware teams, our hands too!

Bl4ck0ut 7 is available for the iPhone 3G in two flavours, a Normal Version which is meant for people who use their device as a regular phone and have a SIM card to activate the device, and an Unlocked Version for people who use the device as an iPod replacement and don't have a SIM card to unlock the device. The unlocked version can be downloaded by clicking here.

A giant leap from the previous generation, this iPod added to the table, an internal speaker to share your tunes with friends, a faster processor, a sleek new look, and even volume buttons, which we take for granted today. This device was a game changer for mobile media players, and it can still faithfully provide entertainment to you like it did all those years ago.

Bl4ck0ut 7 is available for the iPod 2G in only one flavour and can be downloaded by clicking the image above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some answers to common questions that you may have.

This is a very common problem, and because of this, is very frustrating to us all. The reason for this error is the device rejecting the update file. This rejection is the result of iReb not correctly doing its job. To solve this, try to restart your computer, and switch USB ports. Typically, USB ports on the REAR of your computer work best, because they are connected directly to your motherboard. You may also try to use Redsn0w (any version) to put the device into PWND DFU mode. Restart your device, and check the dock connector and cable: Are you using the official Apple connector for your device? Many aftermarket cables fail after a very short service life, but may still charge your device. Try swapping cords with another you might have lying around, or ask a friend if you can borrow one.
Some browsers may change the extension of our ipsw to a .zip file. Simply right click and rename the file extension to .ipsw (EXAMPLE → me.ipsw)
Since we are all part of the same jailbreak community, we can tell you that Whited00r is a great custom firmware packed full of great features aimed at mimicking new iOS versions. We are a young team, and also we are working on iOS 4 which is much heavier on resources than iPhone OS 3. We have less to work with, so a strategy has been developed to offer the most fluent experience on your device, We focus less on tricks and superfluous eye candy, and more on the actual end result.

Any other questions you may have, may be submitted to our support email by filling out the form below.

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