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Here are just some of the AWESOME features of Bl4ck0ut 7.


One of the things we really tried to focus on in the process of making Bl4ck0ut 7 was the attention to speed. An iPhone 3G running on iOS 4? WITH SPEED!?!? I know it sounds crazy but we really tried to make it as usable as possible by deleting unnecessary daemons as well as cleaning up the whole system for you. It is probably as fast as it will get on iOS 4 at this point.

iOS 7 Design

Your device looks just like its younger cousins out there and yet, it is still that old and trusty thing you bought all those years ago. Surprise your friends when they look at your screen and see iOS 7 on a phone from 2008!

Task Switcher

"I thought that was only for new phones" And now its been brought to your device? Why look at just icons of your apps when you can look at snapshots of the apps you have open in a beautiful swipeable line.

Customizable Settings

We do not believe in Apple's forcing of certain things on you. If you do not use bluetooth, why have it running in the background as a service eating battery? We made you an easy to use menu with switches in order to tailor your device to your needs. Remember: no two people are the same... Why should your phones be any different?

About Us

Learn About the Team that is Bl4ck0ut.



Grand-Father Bl4ck0ut, the founder of things. Once one man stood at the foot of Whited00r forums offering fellow users an alternate base firmware for Redd00r project. After being locked out and shamed by the staffers there, he decided to go out on his own, with only a few of his followers. He set forth and founded a team devoted to iOS 4 because he understood that people just wanted to have their old phones WORK. Nothing big and flashy, just function able again. He made it a reality and we are all thankful for his being there. Great friend, father of Bl4ck0ut.



Here from the beginning in spirit, knowledge and money, BlackR41n has been a great developer who never stopped trying for the good of users and staffers here at Bl4ck0ut. He is the main developer of Bl4ck0ut who brought it from just "another cfw" to what there is today. He brings forth the cunning and motivation so many other people lack, which helps make this team whole.



Web wizard, graphic designer. He makes it all happen and even tells a killer joke here and there. As most of our business is conducted through the forum, Hussain has done an excellent job at operating at a very professional level. All you see before you is done for free and out of passion. Without Hussain this site would be a static hunk of garbage. Look for the name in a couple years people….he's going to be producing websites for the elite!

Le Chicken/PR Director


From hissing, to the occasional troll, superbeak means well (sometimes).He has no real explanation other than what he will tell you: ' hisss' He drives a volvo, and goes fast. He lives for today, and survives only for the sake of tomorrow.



Starting as a regular user who wanted to help, he was approached by superbeak to help with the settings editor for windows. Afterwords, he became a staff member and grew into a self motivated student. He taught himself many things, and continues to put forth exciting and new ideas to the table for future releases.

Moderator/Honorary Tester


Balancing work, hobbies and a loving and beautiful family, li0nic has long since been our greatest critic. He is harsh shen he needs to be and frets over the smallest things, which in the end, benefit all who use our firmware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some answers to common questions that you may have.

This is a very common problem, and because of this, is very frustrating to us all. The reason for this error is the device rejecting the update file. This rejection is the result of iReb not correctly doing its job. To solve this, try to restart your computer, and switch USB ports. Typically, USB ports on the REAR of your computer work best, because they are connected directly to your motherboard. You may also try to use Redsn0w (any version) to put the device into PWND DFU mode. Restart your device, and check the dock connector and cable: Are you using the official Apple connector for your device? Many aftermarket cables fail after a very short service life, but may still charge your device. Try swapping cords with another you might have lying around, or ask a friend if you can borrow one.
Some browsers may change the extension of our ipsw to a .zip file. Simply right click and rename the file extension to .ipsw (EXAMPLE → me.ipsw)
Since we are all part of the same jailbreak community, we can tell you that Whited00r is a great custom firmware packed full of great features aimed at mimicking new iOS versions. We are a young team, and also we are working on iOS 4 which is much heavier on resources than iPhone OS 3. We have less to work with, so a strategy has been developed to offer the most fluent experience on your device, We focus less on tricks and superfluous eye candy, and more on the actual end result.

Any other questions you may have, may be submitted to our support email by filling out the form below.

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